With over 3,000 counties nationwide, obtaining the documents you need for closing can be a cumbersome process. At COCRS, we simplify that process for our clients. Our Title Search and Abstracting products give you the options you need for your transactions, from deed searches to document retrievals, to owner or full searches, we’ll do the work to gather all the information and return it to you in a simple format.

We also provide options to help you keep your costs down. In most counties, we have the options to start with online searches. Those include all the documents copies in a fixed price. In cases where online searches aren’t available, we have a network of local resources to provide the ground searches. For those copy costs, we don’t think it’s fair to tack on extra fees, so we pass those though at actual cost.

Report Types

  • Deed (Legal & Vesting)
  • Deed and Mortgage Reports
  • Judgement Reports
  • One-Owner (Current Owner, O&E, Letter)
  • Two-Owner (FIR, Foreclosure)
  • Full Search Residential (25-, 30-, 40-, 50, or 60- Year)
  • LPR Commercial (Commercial Current Owner)
  • Document Retrieval

Document Copies

  • Deed Only – typically 5 pages or less.
  • Pertinent Pages – typically includes a full copy of the current deed and judgments; mortgages include first page, parties page(s), money page(s), legal description page and stamp page.
  • Full Copies – includes every page of every document.

For more information, please contact a member of our sales team. You can simply call us at 720-277-9005 or you can book a quick discussion immediately.