With over 315,000 HOA and 150,000 management companies operating across the United States, the task of acquiring the necessary information to close a new purchase or perform a refinance can be a complex, expensive and daunting task.

COCRS simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive HOA certificate that contains all the necessary information to facilitate a smooth and timely closing. In addition, we’ll get all your documents for you!

Exhaustive Search

With so many properties belonging to so many associations, it can be time-consuming and grueling work ensuring you find each one, every time. We get master and sub associations…all of them…for you. Leaving you more time to do the work you really want to do.

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

We know you need your information quickly. How many times has a seller “remembered” an HOA just days before closing? Make sure you have what you need, when you need it. With an average turnaround time of just a couple of days, we’ve got you covered.

Fees handled for you

How many times have you resigned yourself to the process of giving credit card information in advance to get the HOA documents you need to do your job? Not anymore! COCRS has a convenient pay-upon-completion policy that allows flexibility in your process, giving you the security you need.

COCRS Guarantee

Frustrated with the process of going back and forth between seller and HOAs, trying to ensure you cover your bases and get every association and every management company? We guarantee we’ll get every one of them, every time.