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Tax Certification

Has anyone ever been so passionate about property taxes? We are! Get piece of mind that you’re getting the most accurate information at the best price. We’ll get the information and work with multiple jurisdictions as necessary.

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HOA Documents

Don’t you love finding sub-associations? We do! Let us do it for you! With COCRS’ partnership networks, we make it easy to deal with the 315,000+ associations and 150,000+ management companies around the country.

Let’s partner on HOAs

Right, but why COCRS?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to property data. Do I do it myself? Do I trust a “big guy?” Would an outside vendor care as much as I do? What does it cost? There’s a lot of things to consider. But consider this, there’s a partner out there that treats every file as if it was their own: us!

Great Coverage

If you’re there, we are too! Even if we’re not yet operating in your state, we can do it! Because…technology.


You can ease up on your pocketbook, because we’re not coming for it. Value is the name of the game with us. Get the info you need at the price you’ve been looking for.

Extensive data

With more than a century of experience combing through county records, there’s not a property we can’t find.

No-Hassle Contracts

No more getting locked in! We offer non-exclusive, pay only for what you use, no-minimum contracts. We like things fair.

Trusted Expert Support

We’re always there for you! With 24/7 support, you can get your work done however and whenever.

Quick Turns

Quick Turns

You don’t like waiting for things, and we don’t either. COCRS is dedicated to getting your order fulfilled quickly.