LTAC 2023 Come Together Conference

We are excited to continue our sponsorship of LTAC and the 2023 Annual Conference where we can all Come Together.

These events give us all the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. In addition to the industry updates, we build deeper in-person relationships outside of the contracts and agreements and daily business operational interactions.

New HOA Products and Services

In conjunction with the LTAC Conference, we’re announcing a few new products and major updates to our system. When you need it, we provide the manpower to research Homeowner Association (HOA) details. Whether you just need to know if there’s an HOA and how to order documents or you want to outsource the entire process, we’ve rebuilt our system to do both.

Read more below about our services to obtain HOA Status Letters, Association (CIC) Documentation, and HOA Contact Detail Report.

What We Offer

Certificates of Taxes Due

We’ve streamlined the process to get CTDs in all 64 Colorado counties. When counties permit, we’re an Authorized Agent and can issue CTDs immediately. For other counties, our system uses the most time-efficient methods to get that information. We actively track the average Return Times for all counties and provide that to our users.

HOA Documentation

Home Owners Association Status Letters and Association (CIC) Documents can also be ordered directly from our site. Our newest product, the HOA Contact Details Report gives you a jump start on the process if you want to keep it in house. The best part, all three options are right next to the tax products you order now.

Ordering Process

From our user portal, the process to order any documents is extremely simple. Simply pick the county from the drop down list, enter the property details. If the property details are in our system, select the match. If the property doesn’t match, the system will prompt for additional information. Then select the boxes for the documents you need and we’ll return them when ready by email.

Learn More

Meet Paul Soucek

Many of you may have already spoken with or met me. Watch our quick 30-Second commercial to the right to learn what we at COCRS do for our clients.

I’ll be hovering around our table at the conference. Feel free to come meet me there. If you’d rather have a one-on-one, dedicated conversation, schedule a short intro meeting with me using this link:

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