LTAC Convention 2022 – The Road Ahead

We are excited to continue our sponsorship of LTAC Convention 2022 “The Road Ahead.”

As a proud sponsor, COCRS supports LTAC and all its members. We’re excited to see everyone in person at the conference! We look forward to talking with you at our table or around Beaver Creek.

If you don’t know what we do, COCRS provides streamlined access to Certificates of Taxes Due and HOA documentation. Both of which can easily be ordered on our site, once you have an account on our user portal. Our system provides nationwide data access for every user.

Find us at the Convention!

Paul and Stuart, who recently joined COCRS, will be at our table at the Convention. Feel free to come meet them there. If you’d rather have a one-on-one, dedicated conversation, schedule a short intro meeting using this link:

—- > Schedule a Meeting < ----

Until you can meet with one of them, take a minute to watch a quick 30-Second commercial below to learn what we at COCRS do for our clients.

What We Offer

Certificates of Taxes Due

We’ve streamlined the process to get CTDs in all 64 Colorado counties. When counties permit, we’re an Authorized Agent and can issue CTDs immediately. For other counties, our system uses the most time-efficient methods to get that information. We actively track the average Return Times for all counties and provide that to our users.

HOA Documentation

Home Owners Association Status Letters and CIC Documents can also be ordered directly from our site. These can be placed along with, or separately from, the CTDs requests. We provide verified HOA and/or management company contact information and current balances, unless withheld or unavailable. Standard CIC documentation typically includes original legal documents, recent meeting minutes, current financials, update policies, etc.

Ordering Process

From our user portal, the process to order any documents is extremely simple. Simply pick the county from the drop down list, enter the property details. If the property details are in our system, select the match. If the property doesn’t match, the system will prompt for additional information. Then select the boxes for the documents you need and we’ll return them when ready by email.

Prize Drawing

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