Introduction to COCRS

COCRS was started in 2009 with the vision of making life better for title agents. We’re not in the tax or HOA business, we’re in the title business. Everything we do is run through the filter of real agents who face what you face every day.

Our founders and staff know tax data acquisition and HOA documentation cold. We know the software, we know the deadlines, and we know the bottom line. With more than a century of cumulative real estate and title information experience, we get it. That’s why we’ve designed our company and our products with no frills, no fluff, and only what you need.

You’re not looking for another vendor, there are hundreds out there. You’re looking for a partner, and that’s where COCRS comes in. We’re there to work with you to bring the best information to the closing table, fast.

And guess what, we’re independent. So when you’re looking for someone to trust in a quickly-shrinking title world, we’re there for you.

What We Offer

Tax Certifications, HOA Estoppels / Status Letters, and Title Search are not Rocket Science, but primarily an issue of excellent execution. Our central goal is smooth and profitable production for your organization. We provide these services nationwide, with attention to making it smooth, accurate, and easy for your team.

Validated Tax Certificates

Property tax document generated by COCRS from known and available tax resources related to a specific parcel/property. This insured document provides details of the recently due tax year, shows the breakdown of taxes assessed, the payment status and any balances due.

HOA Packages

Home Owners Association Full Package, also known as Resale Package. Verified HOA and/or management company contact information and current balances, unless withheld or unavailable. Includes status letter(s) and CIC Files. Standard CIC documentation typically includes original legal documents, recent meeting minutes, current financials, update policies, etc.

Ordering Process

From our user portal, the process to order any document is extremely simple. Simply pick the county from the drop down list and enter the property details. If the property details are in our system, select the match. If the property doesn’t match, the system will prompt for additional information. Then select the boxes for the documents you need and we’ll return them quickly ready by email.

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About Michael Brooks

Michael is a specialist in strategic business solutions and operations. His experience has largely been in technical solutions to the corporate market place, from semiconductors and medical to software and business continuity services. You will find him striving to learn your challenges and make sure we are a good fit for your goals and needs.

He loves working with a wise and effective team because hungers to be helpful, to be an aid to business growth.

Message from Michael

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Want to talk about your specific needs. To have a one-on-one, dedicated conversation, schedule a short intro meeting with Michael using this link:

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This meeting is designed to be a no-pressure, no-sales introduction. It’s simply a quick conversation to see if there’s a fit for both of us to have a more detailed meeting.